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7 years ago

Prepare BAS/IAS: Lodge Online - Warning for new payroll categories.

When you use the Manual BASLink, a warning pops up if new Income Accounts have been used (affecting PAYG Instalment Tax Calculation) and if new Payroll Categories have been used. However, these warnings do not appear when lodging online. I doubt the average user is going to remember to go into Settings, and check if all the payroll categories have been included, particular Salary Sacrifice categories. I currently bring up a Manual copy of the BASLink, and if a warning appears, I make a note, add the required categories, and print the BAS. I then double check it against the Online BAS, to make sure everything matches. Takes twice as long this way, and we shouldn't have to do it.


"Warning for new payroll categories, when lodging activity statements online"


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    I find the same problem happening and i need to also do the manual side first.   i get a diffent out come when i try to lodge online than if lodge it manualy , i have set up the online version exactly the same, so i don't know were i'm going wrong if any one has any suggestion i would be greatfull.

  • Which section doesn’t match? There has been a glitch at ATO end about PAYG instalment information feeding through, but I believe, if one can believe what you read on the internet, that this issue is resolved. Your settings need to be carefully and systematically checked if GST or Gross Wages don’t match. These are all feeding through ok.