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8 years ago

Prepare BAS/IAS: Monthly PAYG Installment

PAYG Income Tax instalment currently on all versions of MYOB is quarterly, the Company I work for has to submit on a  monthly basis therefore manual calculations are required for 2 months with those payments having to be deducted from the quarterly BAS statement / lodgment.


Can we please have this feature as an option on the BAS Link / statement as I am sure other Companies have to report and pay monthly.


"PAYG Income Tax instalment"

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    We have also had our reporting obligation for T1 / T11 changed from quarterly to monthly for July22.


    BAS setup in MYOB doesnt allow for this and all my searching going back to 2016 queries from others suggests this has to be done manuallly for the first 2 months of the 1/4 and then those amounts manually deducted for the final month of the quarter.


    Surely this matter can be resolved!