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12 years ago

Prepare BAS/IAS: Store BAS setup files as part of company file (myox)

See: http://community.myob.com/t5/AccountRight-information-hints/Backup-where-are-all-the-files-located/m-p/161872#M21101


I cannot fathom why AccountRight wants to spread USER data all over the PC. An difficult task to manage a a good backup.


So please consider my request and have BAS and BAS Link data also storder in the same data library.




 "Central location for all USER files"


  • The BASlink setup information,  abn.BAS file is currently stored within \users\Public\Public Documents\MYOB\AccountRight\2013.?\AU\Baslink\Setup\abn.bas, on each local machine.


    We have a computer, acting as a server, with multiple company data files, accessed from a number of computers. The company data is stored on the server computer, utilising local network library to access the company data. Each computer wishing to access the data, including the server, needs the same version copy of MYOB software, but as well, an individual exact copy of abn.bas stored in Setup folder of each computer, or you want be able to produce a BAS form.


    There is a real likelyhood of one or more .bas copies not being updated, if a change is required in the business process of producing/updating a BAS form.


    I believe the .bas data, should be stored within the MYOX FILE

    With means to copy to another company file if so desired.



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      As an accountant I receive lots of phone calls from clients wondering where their BASlink setup has gone each time they upgrade. It's not very easy for some of them that lodge quarterly to find the last setup file as there may have been more than one MYOB update since the last BAS they lodged meaning that they have to try the setup folder for each version until they find the right one. Most clients find this very confusing.


      It's also an issue for clients who have AccountRight installed in multiple locations (work, home, laptop, etc) as we need to ensure their setup file is correct. If we could set it up in the online file this would solve this issue.


      Definitely agree that it should be in the online file.

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      AccountRight 2016, even when the file is online the BASLink setup is still stored locally, which means that each computer from which the BASlink is accessed must have the setup done separately.  Then if there is a change to the setup, each computer must have the change applied separately.


      This is highly inefficient especially when dealing with online files where multiple people need access to the BASlink report.


      Could we have an option to store the baslink setup online along with (or within) the file?

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the idea Gordon. Having the BAS files save in your library folder rather then a separate location will certainly help with organising and backing up data. If others would like to see this functionality, please show your support with a vote or further suggestions.