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8 years ago

Purchases: Ability to set own purchase order number sequence (including alphabetical characters)

I want a letter and number sequence for both my purchase orders and a different one for my sales orders. Nowhere does it give me the option to change the automatic sequencing or does it allow for letters to be entered in. I understand that if I enter a certain number and save the purchase order or sales order it will then generate from that number onwards. However I want to use letters as well, so this is still not helpful. Being able to "select starting sequence" would be very helpful. Thank you.


"Being able to manually set a purchase order number sequence"

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  • Has there been a fix for the issue. I would like to use Letter+number sequence for PO numbers. At the moment it is an auto number, but the ability to add P as a prefix to the POnumber an I to the sales invoices would be great.