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11 years ago

Purchases: Ability to show who raised/approved the purchase

Please allow for a drop down box to be added, so the person raising the purchase order can be listed on the purchase order (similar to sales person drop down box in invoicing).


We have numerous people raising invoices and at the moment they have to write their name on the purchase order.  Much more efficient if there was a drop down box so they could select their name, &/or perhaps this could be linked to the MYOB login if this is possible.


"Purchase orders - attach employee who raised purchase order"


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    It would be great to be able to record the Employee responsible for raising a Purchase Order, either determined by the logged in user, or even via Drop Down as is done with Sales Person on Invoices.


    With multiple people in our business able to raise a PO, it's useful to know the source if there is any follow up required etc. Also it's just generally good practice to record who's ordering on behalf of the business.

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      We have the same, multi users able to raise purchase orders - we created the staff memebers name in the "comments" field and have them ensure thier name is selected so we can follow up with that staff member if required



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    When you create a quote, invoice in Sales etc there is a window called Salesperson which must be used before it can be processed.


    But in purchases there is no such field, and looking at what options are available in custom forms this does not seem to be one available there either.


    Knowing who generated a PO is very handy so possible to get this added?





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    Thank you for the idea. While you could run a Journal Security Audit report (from the Accounts section of the Reports menu) to show (among other things) all Purchases (Bills) created by different users. There is nothing that would show a list of all Purchase Orders created by a user. This is because an Order does not create a Transaction in the system. We can see the benefit in being able to add an Employee Card to the Order. We therefore encourage other Forum users to Vote and comment on this Idea.
  • Hi, It would be great if we could open a purchase order and see who created it on the spot. Like in sales - Invoicing, there is the salesperson field. Could the same be done for Purchase Orders? Would be a great help as I have to track down who created it to find out if still relevant but I am not the admin so the audit trail doesn't help me.