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10 years ago

Purchases: ABN lookup feature to show status in Enter Purchases

It would be great if the green/orange ABN Lookup feature could show in the purchases window so that when entering a supplier we can check on the status of GST registration.


The alternative at the moment is to enter the supplier and drill into the card each time to check on the status.

Not such an issue with tradies but a big issue with creatives who use smaller supppliers and contractors who may or may not be registered.

"ABN Lookup Feature to show at purchases window"



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    In ARL, can we please have the ABN box (the one that is on the card file) also show on a purchase or spend money so it can be readily seen when entering a transaction and perhaps make GST not registered a different colour to GST Registered so that it can be more easily identified.

  • And also to have a third colour for ABN Status to show those registered or not registered for GST - i.e. Red for cancelled ABN, Orange for Current ABN not registered for gst, Green for Current ABN registered for gst.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The ABN status of a supplier's card will appear in the Create purchase window OR from the supplier's contact record within the AccountRight Browser interface.

    If you are using the AccountRight Desktop application you would be able to see the ABN status from within the supplier's card only.