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11 years ago

Purchases: Combine/Consolidate/Merge purchases for the same supplier

Is there any thought of providing a function to merge exisiting unsent purchase orders to the same supplier?


When we need to backorder items for customers and 'buy' items, MYOB automatically creates a new purchase order. We then need to spend valuable time listing and deleting PO's and create just one PO to send.  Is there a setting in set-up that I have missed. I have used MYOb for over 15 years and have not managed to sort this out.


"Consolidating / merging Purchase orders"



  • I often get suppliers who send an invoice with multiple purchases on it - without all the relevant purchase order numbers,so then have to go back and adjust to zero old P/O's (not using inventory) to clean out old ones.  Being able to consolidate (same as with cards) could be handy but if you're using inventory I would imagine this could cause a problem.

  • Status changed:
    Thank you, Global, for your suggestion of combining Purchase Orders to allow you to generate Bills for the total of these orders. Other users that would like to see this feature added in, please do remember to vote and comment.
  •  We create our PO's from the Order Forms of each customer. 

    Often we get orders from multiple customers for goods from a single supplier.

    To eliminate multiple shiping costs, we are required to submit only 1 PO for the supplier, meaning we have to handle orders multiple times which can (and has) led to mistakes.

    Being able to merge multiple PO's will speed-up the ordering process and eliminate any errors.


  • Please please please combining purchase/sales orders would be SO HELPFUL!