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7 years ago

Purchases: Show Due date on Enter Purchases (without selecting Terms)

Individual suppliers may have differing terms from invoice to invoice, such as in the retail clothing industry. Currently in the Enter Purchases window there is no simple way of changing the due date from the default. You have to drill down into the terms window and then change the terms to find the right date. It would be so much quicker if there was a Due Date field in the Enter Purchases window itself where we could simply change the due date. 


"Add Due Date field to Enter Purchases window"


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    I would be very grateful if there could be a visual due date field next to/near the terms on a purchase order/bill.  The terms i.e. 14 days from invoice date/after EOM etc. are great, but sometimes there is a need to confirm this date and/or amend the date on the fly, depending on specific invoice terms.  




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      This would be very helpful.

      I would also suggest that this new field is made viewable on the purchase register screen so it can be used as a sort field for all purchase orders.

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      Great idea shellmanda.  I would like to see this also. 

  • I really NEED to be able to sort open bills by due on the desk top version of AccountRight. It would be a great feature to add. 

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      I think if you go to the a/p to do list it pretty much does this. It does on mine anyway. My file is online but I use the desktop software not the browser. The only problem with it being that it shows the PO No instead of the invoice number. :(