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10 years ago

Receive Payments: Warning when date is entered prior to invoice date

It is all too easy to enter a payment for an invoice with a date prior to the invoice date. The suggestion is that a warning should pop up in a similar way that duplicate cheque numbers or invoices are seen. Typically the mornings bank report is used to enter all payments rec'd "yesterday". The system conveniently holds yesterday's date while the run of payments are entered. Then what typically happens is a new sale and payment are processed "today" and the payments section is still holding "yesterdays" date. The payment for todays sale is received yesterday if extra care is not taken to adjust the date. A simple warning would stop this accidental entry error and help prevent the ensuing issue from throwing the reconciliations out. Could it be that difficult?

"Entering Payments Received before Invoice Date In Error"


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    Thanks for your great suggestion. I can certainly see how a lack of warning could cause some data entry errors. Anyone else who'd like to see a warning when entering payments dated before the sale or purchase, please cast your vote here.

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