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10 years ago

Reconcile Accounts: Attach (actual hard copy) Bank statements

Now we can file our purchase invoices when we enter data. 

It would be handy to scan in bank statements alongside bank recs.Our accountatnts always want the bank statements as verification.



"Keeping Bank statements on File"


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    It would be fabulous if you could attach a PDF version of the bank statement to the reconcilliation, similar to attaching documents to purchases

  • In the similar manner to how we can link a supplier pdf invoice to an invoice entered in MYOB 2016, could we have the option to upload a bank statement pdf through, or as part of, the reconciliation process - accoutants always need a copy for verification, at least at year end, and when working remotely from the client site, it would be an absolute bonus!!

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    Hello joc ,I can see this would be very helpful for accountants and bookkeepers to have this information in the file. I encourage anyone else that would like this future in the software to post a comment and click the Vote+ button.

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    If the grand plan is to go totally paperless in the office, we should have the file attachment capabiliity in all areas of MYOB AR.  Spend Money would be another area where this is useful.

  • I agree. Any transaction type should be able to attach a document.  I have voted for it.

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    Is this still under consideration? It really would be a great feature.

  • So has this progressed at all - the attachment options are now there even for spend money - do we have to use spend money for bank fees and attach the statement that way - at least it would get it into the system, but there has to be a more consistent option available surely!!

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    HarryL you're absolutely correct ... yet here we are in the last quarter of 2022 and STILL this hasn't been added.


    Disappointing to say the least but sadly not surprising, as with most of the AccountRight-Idea-Exchange and their time lines. Just doesn't seem to be at all acceptable given now that all of MYOB's clients were forced into a subscription ... that increases yearly by $10 per month!