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11 years ago

Report: Activity Slip [Customer Detail] - Wrap the Notes field



It would be really good if the text for Notes and Memo fields within all reports be wrapped if the number of characters in the field exceeds the space on the page so we can see all the details.


One report I use on a daily basis which is affected is the Activity Slip [Customer Detail] report under the Time Billing section.  The Notes section of this report does not wrap text when the text exceeds the space on the page.  I use this report to prepare my invoices for my clients and I need to see the complete notes section.  The Activity Slip Notes section allows you to type in a decent narration but then the report won't allow you to see the full amount.  I also need this report on a Portrait orientation so I can make my necessary notes on this page without it going onto another page.  If I have it as a landscape orientation I need a second page to cover all my notes and this doesn't work.  


The other report used on a regular basis is the General Ledger detail.  The Memo column also needs to be wrappable so you can see the whole memo on either portrait or landscape orientations.  There's not enough room to expand this column to see the full amount whilst keeping all the other information you need.    I need to have these in a non-adjustable format (eg. PDF) for record keeping purposes and I'd like to be able to see the full memo without needing to open the MYOB file at a later date.  


It is possible to export these reports to Excel but you then need to do a lot of re-formatting for it to fit a portrait A4 page width again before printing to PDF however this is very timeconsuming.  It would be much easier if these fields wrapped the text.  I know it is possible as there are already columns in some reports which are already wrap text enabled (eg. Activity Slip [Customer Detail] Activity column).


"Text for Notes and Memo fields within all reports should be wrapped"

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