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9 years ago

Report: Aged Receivables [Detail] - Job Number

I am after an AR report, say the Ageing Detail report but that also shows the job number/s.


"AR report that shows Job numbers"


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    Is it possible to allow for an extra column for JOBS to be inserted into Payables Reconciliation Report Form.....I run my accounts by job no's and this will save me a great deal of time if I can have job no. Inserted into this report

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      Hi Shona,


      Some of the MYOB Add on Solutions products may include this already, see


      Our software, BI for MYOB includes an All Purchases and Item Purchases report that can run at a detail transaction level and does show Job #. This will cover All Purchases for a user defined period, from there you could filter to only show Open Invoices that are still in AP which is what you see on the Payables Reconciliation report.

      At present this report is available for AR Premior/Enterprise and will shortly be available for AccountRight Live.


      All details are on our website, let me know if this could hep you save some time.


      Jennifer Kelly CA

      02 8912 4110

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      I would really like to see the Purchase Reconcilation Reports have Job No.'s printed next to each invoice in the reports each month.  Can this be done?

  • Would love to see a way to open all outstanding Sales Invoices, then filter by Job Code.

    Have been priovosouly told to go to Reports > Accounts > Job Activity [Detail], but this shows all transactions within the date period set.

    EG: Would love to be able to set it to Jan 1 2020 to now, sort by Job Code 5000 (or whatever Number is relevant at the time) and have a way to show only outstanding balances. 


    By looking for open invoices in Sales Register, I can only set date. I can't see all open invoices peretaining to a certain job code. Our office is a trades office, so I chase payments from customers owing monies for service jobs (which we've designated 5000), while my colleague chases install and electrical jobs (designated 7000 and 6000). Would love to be able to open slaes register, open invoices, set date and filter by code.