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7 years ago

Report: GST [Detail - Accrual] - Account Number of transaction

When printing the GST detailed reports it would be really helpful to see where clients have coded their transactions as invariable when we review their GST we need to drill into every transaction to see how they have treated them.  Most common error is clients treating offshore expenses with GST, coding capital items to repairs & maintenance or General.  By having the Accounts List code print on the report we can a feel straight away if it has been treated incorrectly.  Also seeing the transaction memo line would also help as clients put more details on these lines than in the Memo line of the overall transaction.


"GST Detailed Report - add accounts list code & transaction memo"



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    I think it would be very useful if we had the option of adding account numbers into the GST reports. A lot of the time I split expenses between business & personal (telephone, electricity, etc) It would be very helpful to see which accounts transactions are going to - particularly in the "N-T" section.


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    MYOB needs a report that shows the account name and the GST Code and $ amount that a transactions (by Date ) has been allocated too.

    Like the GST detailed report, but with the name of the account - so we can check which account the transactions has been allocated too, without clicking on each transaction.  Please add this report, both QB and xero has this report/option. It makes it easy to check on clients when they are coding/allocating their own transactions.

  • It would be usefull to have Accounts code (number) in GST Detail CashAccruel Report.

    Before lodge BAS I always double check the amount in P & L Statement and GST Reports.

    It gives me the good chance to see if all transactions recorded in right place. But it is hard to

    do reconciliation without account numbers.


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The GST report in the AccountRight browser interface will contain the Account No., Account  Name, and memo of the transaction by default.