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6 years ago

Report: Inventory Count Sheet - Include lines for 1st & 2nd Counts fields

Just printed the Inventory Count sheet and there is no lines on the 1st count or 2nd count and the inventory is printed so tiny that it is very hard to do a stock take? I have had to manually rule tiny lines? Previously there has been lines for the 1st count and 2nd count


"Printing Inventory Count Sheets"


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    Hello Jill Jill 


    I usually export the count sheet to excel. 

    This will allow you to change the font size and put in row lines.

    It also enables you to delete the items you do not want, create separate count sheets for different areas or counting staff, use the spreadsheet to calculate the value of stock etc.

    If you use Custom Lists or Fields to can also select these and sort on that as well.




  • I am disappointed with this response and not sure if it is from someone who works for MYOB.  Last year 2019 the report was perfect to work with, now with the many upgrades which brings changes, I seem to have to find new ways I have to work with which takes time, time out of my working day and this is another one.  I just wanted to print my Inventory Count Sheet and now I am faced with a new problem, tried to print 1 page but did not allow that, so here I am with over 110 pages that cannot be used.


    I had already looked at exporting to Excel but wanted to use the original format.  I will now export to Excel but not satisfactory MYOB, I seem to spend too much time having to work with new changes that effect other areas.