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12 years ago

Report: Journal Security Audit - Show what changes where made to transaction

Could we get some more details in the audit trail reports.


Telling me an entry has been edited doesn't really say much.  I want to know what it was and what got changed.  If session reports aren't printed each day you have no knowledge of what the entry had been.


Also, what ever happened to the option in preferences to prompt for a session report and for the life of me I can't find where to even get a proper session report in V2012, maybe someone can give me a hand on that one.


As suggested by Dan, maybe there could even be an audit report that advises of entries that have been changed that relate to a BAS period that has been lodged (after I am assuming we tell the system that BASs have been lodged up until a certain date).


"Audit trail"


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    Is there a way I can view exactly what was changed in a transaction, whether it be an invoice or supplier bill? When using Quickbooks Online it has an awesome feature at the bottom of each transaction where you can click a button and view who changed what on the transaction. Very quick and very clear details. Is it there the same feature in MYOB?

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      I also would be interested in this. I am trying to track when an invoice was entered into the system, as I suspect it was entered after finalising GST for that period. 

  • I need to recant a bit on this one.  I have found the session report which is now called the journal security audit which requires date ranges.  Which is something that maybe could be changed so that we do not have to stipulate the transaction dates, though I suppose this could cover the audit report for changes in a BAS period.


    This report also does tell me what the entry was and what it became but the unfortunate thing is that everytime you view an entry, and don't change anything it still records on the report as being edited.


    Could we maybe have this fine tuned as for some of us, it would make looking through this report a bit time consuming to say the least.



  • Status changed:
    Glad you found the new report. We had a lot of feedback about the old session report only being able to be printed out when ending a session so we combined the Audit/Session reports together to allow you to report on historical sessions as well as changed journals. If there specific formatting or filter changes that would make it easier or more useful let us know.
  • We are also currently working on changes that will improve the Viewing vs Editing transaction scenarios so the system won't re-record transaction when you only view them.

  • I have updated my version last night only to find there is no session report in this version. I have 2 idea...


    1. Maybe advise what is changing in the upgrade so we can make a choice if we want it or not.

    2. Bring back the session report, before it was a choice if you wanted to print it or not, now you have taken away this choice.

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       Hello Jody, Jody65

      I have always considered that in the Classic MYOB versions (v19 & earlier) that was a waste of paper and if not printed at the time, or if the system crashed it could not be reproduced. As a result there was never a guarantee that the report was available if needed.

      There was always another way to get the info with the Transaction Journals / General Journal with the session date and User ID selected.

      While the old Session Report is no longer there it has been replaced by the Journal Security Report which gives more and better info, and can be reproduced at any time. I feel this is a much better report and can be used in  conjunction with the General Journal Report.



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      Thank David, I tried this option the other night without out success. I phoned MYOB yesterday and they advised me the version I have downloaded does not offer any session report and the Journal Security Report now only advises modified transactions. So I am up the creek without a paddle.



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      Hello Jody Jody65,

      Whie the description of the Journal Secur

      ity Audit Report says that it shows modifications it actually shows all original entries as well.


      If you customise the General Journal Report you als get what you need.