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11 years ago

Report: Profit & Loss - Show tax inclusive values

I personally don't agree with it. As I've worked in the accounting industry all my life and I know why management reporting and everything is given ex-GST but I've had a few clients come to me with the request to have reports inclusive of GST and they say it will help with cashflow forecasting for themselves in real dollars as opposed to "ex-GST" dollars.


So the main reports I'm looking at are the Profit & Loss reports and the Job Profit & Loss Reports at the moment.. But I'm sure other people might find other reasons for them.

"GST Inclusive Reports"


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    I'm looking for a way that i can produce a Profit and Loss report with GST figures included for one of my clients.

    I know this is not the normal for accounting purposes, but they report to their respective board members with included figures to show a cash flow looking p&l.  

    They are set with spending budgets and volinteers don't always understand the theory of GST, so it's would be easier to report the Profit and loss figures with GST included.


    Anyone got any ideas or is there a chance we can add this in the filters in MYOB?

    Anyone else need this report?



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      Thanks. But unfortunately i haven't found an add on partner that can provide this specific report.

      any suggestions? 


      Would be great if it was just an options in many of the reports to report inc or ex GST.  Just a suggestion for the development team guys.

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      Hi NovaBK 


      It sounds a bit to me like you really need to report Cash Flow rather than profit & Loss.


      Have you looked at the Banking » Statement of Cash Flow report?


      This should be read in conjunction with the PnL report.





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  • I think this could be useful, but it should come with a warning area when gst inclusive is selected.  That warning should really always be on if you want it to be.  

    I have had someone in my file before who ticked the gst inclusive button, and then a whole of invoicing was done with noticing it was ticked!

  • Great idea - some of the government agency reporting required by my current employer needs to be GST inclusive something like this would save having to export information to excel to then gross the numbers up (really time consuming task)

  • Hi, I would like my Jobs Report to include GST so I can easily see what $ I have left to spend.


    It would be great if I could also hte a detailed report at well. Especially if I want to produce a summary at the end of the job.


    Any assistance would be appreciated.  Cheers