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11 years ago

Report: Profit & Loss [Multi-Period] - Cash basis

I am working in Account Right Plus v19.9 and badly need the P&L Multi on a Cash basis. Would appreciate if you could let me know if there were plans to change this in the future as our Director uses this to gauge received income over the 12 month period.

"Proft & Loss (Cash) multi period report"


  • Hi Sigrid,


    Go to our website and download BudgetLink. It can do all kinds of cash reporting (by jobs, multiple periods, quarters, you name it). You'll have a 30 day trial to make up your mind. Just be sure to trial the Ultimate Edition (you'll get to choose once you start the software for the first time).


    It plugs straight into MYOB.


    At the moment,it can only do CASH for AccountRight 19.9 but that suits you perfectly (we are planning to enable it for AccountRight live 2013 when all the data we need can be queried).


    Best of luck,

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    Thank you for your post. It would be good to have a Multi Period (Cash) P & L. Would be good to see some votes and comments on this. In the meantime, please check the add ons suggested by Nic-acc-addons and @Kerrie_smith. Also check out the MYOB Add-On Centre -
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    Hi Everyone

    The Profit & loss report in the AccountRight browser allows the user to break up the values by month and can be run on a cash basis if required.