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12 years ago

Report: Statement of Cashflow - Inclusion

I have just upgraded to MYOB 2012 and can't find the report Statement of Cashflow that was in version MYOB 19.  Where is this report now? Can I get it back? I need this report urgently.


"Statement of Cashflow in MYOB 2012 - where is it?"


  • Hi Denise,


    The statement of cashflow report was removed from the AccountRight 2011/12 though I am happy to pass on your feedback.  We have written a support note that explains which reports were removed and some workarounds on how you can generate the same information. 


    Workaround for reports not available in AccountRight 2011 and later


    If any other customers are needing the "Statement of Cashflow" report, please post a reply below and I will be happy to pass on your feedback.

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      Hi Barry,

      We use the "statement of Cashflow" too and would like to see it back.

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        Hi Inverell_Legacy,


        Thank you for your feedback. 

        I have passed this on to our Product Development team, to consider including the Statement of Cash flow in a future release.



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      Can't believe this report has been removed ... please bring it back.


      Most SME clients don't understand "accounting" P&L - when you tell them they made money, but they say their bank balance has decreased, this is the report that tells them "where the money went".


      A retrograde step MYOB and very disappointing ...

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        Hi JockYBM,


        I've tried searching for your account using your email address, however I was unable to locate your account. Could you please send me a private message with your serial number, so I can add your feedback and request to our Product Developers.


  • Hi there

    I have been hunting for this report also as the user guide on your website refers to it!!

    Please bring it back!!

  • Status changed:
    The Statement of Cashflow report will be added back into AccountRight for our next release. There are still some reports from v19 which are yet to be completed, if there are particular reports you need please use the "New Idea" option to let us know. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Status changed:
    Many thanks for your feedback. The Statement of Cashflow report has been added back into AccountRight. Please update your software to AccountRight 2012.10, which is now available.