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10 years ago

Report: Transaction Tax Codes - Payment Basis

Can we get a Standard Transaction Report that lists transactions by Account Code and includes description/narration/memo, GST Gross, GST Value, GST Net.

I can supply an example.  The best I've seen is the Banklink Ledger Report.

I need something to check the accuracy of the data when doing GSTs.  The current GST Detial (Invoice) report doesn't include the Accounts so there is no way I know if a motor vehicle expense has been wronlgy coded to Postage other than the Card File name.  There is also no narration so I can't see if the Entertainment has been adjusted for the non-deductible/personal use portion.



Andrew Crawford


I asked the Community if such a report existed, topic GST Audit Report, I attached some examples of what I wanted.


"Standard Transaction Report"

Based on further comments -Transaction GST Codes report is a suitable report for the requirements, however, can't be run on a payment basis.