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8 years ago

Reports: Bring up Report after selecting transaction to view

Scenario:  I generate a General Ledger Detail report.  I then drill down into one of the transactions to see more detail.  When I exit from that individual transaction, the General Ledger report has gone to the back of my Myob screens and hence I have to 'go looking' for it by clicking on my MYOB tiles in the task bar and then clicking on the appropriate tile.  THIS IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!  (After several drill-downs, I am sick of having to keep going back.)


I read that this is to facilitate the program allowing more than one report to be open at once but I do not understand why the current report has to go to the back once you have drilled into it.  Please set up the system so that the current report can be kept at the front.





"reporting drill downs"

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