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12 years ago

Reports: Customer Payments

Just wondering if there is a possibility of MYOB having the ability to produce a report for Debtor payments similiar to the Supplier payment history report? I would like a report to give me payment date, the amount paid by the customer and the invoices that were offset with this payment.


"Payment Listing"


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    I feel it would be a great idea to have a simple report that shows on what dates a client has made payments over a period of time

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      I agree, it would be excellent to have a report to just look up every payment made by a particular customer.

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      There is the Supplier Payments report.  That's very useful.

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      Thanks Super Hag ,the Supplier Payment History is great as it gives the dates and is what I would like except for clients instead of suppliers.

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    Thank you for the feedback for a new report. Please vote for this idea if this report is of interest to you.
  • Hi.

    It would be great if you could run a report for payment allocation. For example a customer pays a number of invoices with one bulk payment. Down the track a query is then raised as to what invoices were actually allocated that payment. A report showing the date payment received, payment amount & the invoices allocated against the payment, would solve the query easily and effectively.


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      Hi Belynda


      If it were me I would either go to the Sales Register, select the customer and then select paid invoices.


      Or I will go to the transaction journal and go to receipts.


      What I find the best is go to an invoice that has been paid. Double click on the invoice and it will bring up all the settled invoices that were paid at the same time as that invoice.


      Or sometimes I go to the Bank register and double click on the amount receipted.


      Hope this helps