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12 years ago

Reports: Keep report window open when viewing transactions

In the previous version we could, for instance, pull up a report showing all of the quotes raised to a certain customer or on a certain date. We were then able to look at/investigate/edit the quote and the report would remain open so that we could look at/investigate/edit another quote on the list. Today I had to edit a quote and the customer has six open quotes. Once I looked at the first quote listed and it was not what I was looking for so I had to run the report over and over again till I had the correct quote. Takes up a great deal of time. Can we fix this?


Its also a hassle when trying to run a report when you can't type in the first few letters of the customer/supplier name but have to open the whole list and then use the search box to type in the first few letters. Can we fix this too?


I am very unhappy with this new version. It seems that there has been no input from actual bookkeepers to find out what is needed. This version is much slower and much more difficult to use.


"Keeping a reort open till the investigation is complete"


  • When I run a report (say a General Ledger Detail) and click in to view a certain transaction then close the transaction I am taken back to the main screen. I have to keep clicking down into my task bar to open up the report window and report again. This is extremely frustrating as it is time consuming to keep having to do this. In the older MYOB (version 19) this was never an issue, when you closed out of a transaction you were automatically taken back to the report you were viewing. Why would you change this? As an idea..... change it back. I waste so much time because of this as I am often required to view client transactions. I am not the only one in my office frustrated by this grievance.

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      I find it really annoying that as soon as you run a report, it is hidden behind the main screen. How about letting reports appear on top as soon as they are  run? 

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      I have reviewed your suggestion and the use of the ALT + SHIFT + Tab key is equally time consuming. I sometimes need to look at 20 transactions from within in the one GLD (and make adjustments, then print new reports) and having to flick back to a screen, although this adds maybe only 5 seconds work per transaction viewed, this additional time all adds up. As we bill clients our time, we try to be as time efficient as possible and when hindered by things that used to be fine then all of a sudden changed to be more difficult, it is quite frustrating. I really hope you change it back as this really annoys me everytime I have to go and look at something from a report.

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      Hi lmartin


      Thank you for your additional comments in regards to this idea

      As mentioned the ALT + SHIFT + Tab could be used as a shortcut if you are reviewing transactions and need to bring up the report again. Having said that I would encourage other user that would like to see this idea included in future releases to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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    When in a report, say GST Cash, I click on a line item to inspect it.  When I then close down the inspection, instead of being returned to the report screen/window, the system takes me back to the banking command centre and not the report.  The report window remains open in the background and I have to 'manually' click to get back to it.  Can this be streamlined or fixed?  This is so not intuitive.

  • Something to be aware of:

    Report windows are now opened as seperate windows to the command center in the new product, this was done so that:

    1. You could have multiple reports open at the same time

    2. You could display the report easily on a second screen


    Reports do not close when you drill down to the transaction and what you will find is that the report will have simply dropped behind the command center.  Take a look in the windows start bar and it will be there.  <Alt><Tab> will let you quickly move between open windows.


    I agree that the customer search capability could be improved to make it faster to select an individual customer.

  • Would like to be presented with same report after drilling down and closing a transaction that has been looked at/edited, (ready to open another transaction in this report), instead of hunting for the report in the windows task bar.