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10 years ago

Reports: Show inactive cards default to unticked

Suggestion to have the option of include inactive cards as unticked by default. To have inactive cards permanently ticked seems odd as if you needed them often you wouldnt have them as inactive.


"Reports - inactive cards"


  • Has there been ANY thrust to change the default setting to NOT include inactive items ?

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      I doubt it. Why make life easier for their customers when they can make it ever more frustrating... :)

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      Hi  - Is this thread requesting "ARL account code inactive but linked to contact so client was able to code new transaction to inactive account - MYOB can we please have this loophole closed asap please - would someone from Myob please reply so I know this bug fix request has been logged?

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    When choosing a report, the default is past employees are ticked.  This would be the exception that you would want past employees, so to have the default as unticked would be more user friendly.

    Also on reports, eg leave reports, the end date defaults to the end of the current financial year, most of the time that is months away.  Why not have the current date as the default, more likely to be the one you need?

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    Status changed:

    Thanks for your great suggestion Bravo   Anyone else who ants to have the option to include inactive cards in reports to be unticked by default, please cast your vote here. Make sure you're signed in and click on the purple vote button at the top left-hand side of the screen. If you post a comment, don’t forget to vote as well!

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    Please remove the default of "show inactive customer/supplier/employee etc in reports.

    Make it a tick option to include and not a tick option to not include.

    If they are inactive obviously it will be rare to include them in reports.

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    It would be great to have an overall setting for the entire MYOB file for include/exclude inactive items/cards/jobs/accounts by default. As the OP said, if we want to access the information, we wouldn't make them inactive.

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    Why are inactive employee cards still coming up as a defult?  This is driving me crazy constantly seeing these really old employee cards still appearing and I have to unselect to get rid of them.  Doesn't make sense.

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    Every time I do a Payroll Advice Report, the deafult setting for Employee is 'All'. That is fair enough. When I try to select an employee I get the 'Payroll Employees Select From List', the first time I run the report, 'Show Inactive Payroll Employees' is always checked. Can this setting be remembered please?

  • This should be sorted for all not just payroll. A default should never include inactive status. This allows for too many errors to occur by processing staff. Also when you set a new user, the set up shouldnt automatically default to inactive. Why would you be setting up an inactive user?

  • Hi there. How many users need to request this change before it is put in place? I notice it's been an issue for several years but doesn't seem to have been actioned?

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    Can't believe this only has 15 votes. Obviously most users have decided voting on anything is a waste of time. And I'm inclined to agree, especially when I see my own username on the list of commenters - from two jobs ago. That's both laughable and deplorable. 


    But unticking the "show inactive" box on pretty much every screen it appears, every time... day after day after year after year, oh wait, it's almost a DECADE since the original post, is even more of a waste of time than coming here to voice my frustrations. Again.


    Seriously, as Bravo said, if we wanted to include them regularly, they wouldn't be inactive in the first place. Cards list, accounts list, jobs list, report options, everywhere!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, at least give us the option in settings to have inactive "anything" included or excluded by default.