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6 years ago

Sales: Email copy of email for records



I would like to be able to send a duplicate invoice to my accounts team when sending out invoices to clients. 


At the moment if I want to see if invoices have been invoiced, I have to 


  • Log In 
  • Click 'Sale'
  • Click 'Sale Register' 
  • Find the invoice I'm looking for and open it
  • Look at the bottom for 'Invoice Delivery Status' 

If we are able to get Myob to send out a duplicate invoice to your accounts team they could easier lookup in the email account and see if INVXXXXX has been delivered. 


I know I could type in our accounts email every time we go to send an invoice. But its 2019.


Cheers MG


"Sending duplicate email to your accounts email address when send out invoices."


  • Totally agree - we have only just moved to having MYOB email for us and I still want a separate copy residing in our Outlook Folder. We frequently suffer internet outages, and this would allow us to research previous sale if a client phones in during such an outage. It also would give a lot of peace of mind that even if invoices are purged during rollover - we can still refer to old sales - (some clients have come back after more than 8 years and it is really helpful to be able to refer to those sales locally).

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    When emailing your invoices from the AccountRight browser users can select Email me a copy which will email a respective invoice to the user for their records.

    If you are using the AccountRight Desktop application you can use the CC option in the Email window from the Enter Sales window or send it multiple times from the Print/Email Invoices window.