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9 years ago

Sales: Make Customer PO Number a required field for certain customers cards

I have several customers who state that they will not pay invoices if their purchase order number (a.k.a customer PO) is not stated on the invoice they receive. The problem is, these customers are usually large organizations, and sometimes junior staff order goods without knowing that they have to provide a purchase order number. We then get left in the lurch in terms of payment.


I'm aware of the issue, so I always request a PO number, but I think it would be nice to have a failsafe so that if I hire new staff, they can't accidentally generate invoices which customers are unlikely to pay (if they forget the customer PO number).


For this reason, I am wondering if a 'require customer PO' option (or similar) could be added on a per-card basis? I have called MYOB support and apparently no such feature currently exists. At the moment, we simply have to write a reminder into the card's address field, which is not a very clean solution.


If anybody knows of a suitable workaround, I would appreciate the advice.




"Require customer PO to record invoices for a given card"