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10 years ago

Sales: Pop up message to check/add customer details

Is it possible to have a 'Sales Note' field where you can record certain notes about a customer that staff must be aware of during EVERY sale?


Currently we have a customer who needs to have job addresses appear on their end of month statement. This means our user must overtype the 'Sale Journal' field so that the 'Description' coumn on the statement will accurately show the job address. In order for staff to remember to do this it would be great if there was a pop up prompt when that customer is picked for a sale that reminded staff of this specific procedure.


I could see this being useful for lots of reasons as there are always special customers who need something different and this would be a way for users to ensure those special needs are not overlooked or forgotten. 

"Customer Notifications"


If a new notes field is not possioble for this purpose than possibly a check box below the existng notes field that said "Display Notes at time of sale"





"Note Popup to show/remind user to check/add customer details to invoice"