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10 years ago

Sales: Prompt to include similar recorded items on that invoice.

Is there a way or will there be soon for the invoice window to prompt for product that maybe used. For example, I have set rate of labour for different services I do, one is wall mount a speaker, depending on the job I may or may not supply speaker cable, is there a way MYOB can ask me if I used any speaker cable. Also another is if I fully install a home theatre system, is there a way MYOB can ask me if I supplied any hemi leads and speaker cable (different product for different services.


"prompt sale window for other products"

Normally invoice abc item as well as xyz item, but only have abc item on invoice prompt to say do you want to include xyz item.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else who would like to see AccountRight suggest items based on the items already selected when creating invoices, please cast your vote here.
  • I think I know what your talking about Kelly81, it would not work for me, I have a poor memory and tend to forget what parts I've used for a job. So if MYOB can be setup where at the end of a job, before I print the invoice I was prompt about using certain product on a certain job type as some jobs I don't use any parts, just labour, so for example one job type is wall mounting a TV, did I use a wall bracket and any cables, another job type is wall mounting a speaker, did I use any speaker cable, did I supply a wall bracket for the speaker ect ect.

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    Hi, I have a situation where a certain item we sell, may or may not, have a pallet needed to pack the item. For some customers it doesn't at all. For some it needs one pallet whether they purchase one or five of the item. I would like to be able to have a pop up prompt occur when I enter certain items to remind me and others using the sales function to put in the pallet as I would like to inventory the pallet. 

    Thanks Andrea

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    I think this is an excellent idea and I would use it!