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2 years ago

Sales Register: Dedicated Backorder tab

I think the backorders side of things on MYOB needs some more love! 

Is it possible to create a seperate Sales tab for Backorders?

Currently there's Quotes, Orders, Open Invoices, Credits, Closed Invoices, but no tab for Backorders.

Our company uses backorders a lot, but we also are constantly processing new orders, and currently they all merge onto the same 'Orders' tab. 

This can get confusing when you're searching for something in particular, as sometimes we want to prioritise our backordered items, but it can be a very time consuming process.


Also, the option for automatically printing a packing slip when something is sent to a backorder, instead of manually finding each order would be helpful too! So that we can have a physical list, as at times it can be easy to get distracted and easily forget to go back and re-print the packing slip manually for our factory.


"Backorders Tab & Auto Printing of Backorders"

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