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6 years ago

Sales Register: Select from pre-defined date range (This Month, Quarter...)

The Sales Register date filter is annoying. Every time you search for an invoice you there are a bunch of extra steps.

I wish under the date filter section there were radio buttons with pre-filled options so I didnt have to put in a start date and an end date every single time I have to search for an invoice. Radio buttons could include
- Today
- This Week
- This Month
- Last Month
- Last Quarter
- Custom Date

I also wish the Sales Register would default to show all invoices for the last quarter so if im looking up an invoice that's just been done I dont have to enter anything in the date filter at all. They're just there.

It would save a lot of time and a lot of frustration.


"Sales Register Filter By Date"


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    A similar suggestion would be for the date range to show at least 30 days. It is annoying to have to select a date range at the beginning of the month when most invoices I am interested in are 'recent'. So, for the start date, a 'recent' radio button could select today's date but in the previous month.

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    yes i agree.   


    especially when selecting Open Invoices, i wish it would default to the date of the oldest Open Invoice.  it's annoying having to type in really old date to make sure to capture all the invoices which haven't been paid yet.  It would be good to have quick way to just look at all our open invoices in one step.

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    A simple "Date Range Reset" button would be a simple but useful addition to the Sales & Purchases Registers.  Resetting the date back to the 1st month to today.

    Could also be appiled to other Registers, but Sales & Purchases are the ones I need to change then reset frequently every day.


    Regards Andrew.