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10 years ago

Sales: Show how much the required deposit is on the invoice

I sincerely need an option to invoice for a deposit on a total invoice. The customer would need to see the total invoice amount and the total deposit amount due for the invoice. The only way I can do this right now is typing it into the sales lines but I feel this looks messy and unprofessional, an alternate invoicing template to account for deposits would be wonderful.


"Invoice a deposit to an invoice"


  • We usually need to invoice our customers for 50% deposit to proceed with an order and the balance payable one week before shipping.


    Currently I have to either do two invoices (one for deposit and one for the balance) OR do one invoice and insert a header that states the deposit amount required and that the balance will be due one week before shipping.


    I propose that MYOB implements the following in their payment term options for invoices or in the card files:


    1. OPTIONAL deposit payable entry in which you can specify the percentage amount.  Perhaps it can be an option that is ticked if you would like this entry included in the calculations field? 


    2. Balance due entry field that automatically calculates what the balance would be after deposit, and also you can select the date that the balance will be due.


    When trying to find a solution for this invoicing issue that I am experiencing, I realised that there are plenty of customers out there in the same situation who would benefit from having the option to customise their MYOB invoice payment terms like this.


    What do you think?

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      Thanks for the great idea @sailextreme. We would love to hear what other users think about this. Please show your support with further votes and comments.
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    I think it would be great if myob could add a field in forms for deposits that could automatically work out the percentage of the sale as per what the company requires.  Ie 20% deposit required to book from the quote side of things.

    Also if bookings could be added to ical from either quote or order not just invoice.  This woud be useful as i don't invoice until the day of the event.

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    hi there,

    What version are you using? You can put a deposit against an order in AccountRight and this shows up correctly in the Since paid.

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    Version 2015.1. I haven't seen anything about deposits for invoicing a customer though. I know I can apply a part payment but I regularly need to invoice a customer for a 10% or 40% deposit, so they know what amount they need to pay for a deposit.

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    Hi @KL_Vision

    I think jenniek was indicating that recording an order i.e. Sales>>Sales Register>>Orders tab and New Order then entering in the details. Once recorded, you can go to Sales>>Receive Payments option and select the Customer to make payment as you normally would. When  you take a look/print the order it will show that the invoice was for this much however x amount has been paid leaving x outstanding.

    However I get the impression that you want to show that x amount is invoiced and the Customer needs to pay this amount for a deposit and the rest is outstanding. Would that be correct?

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    Hi kl_vision 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and invoices.

    I would encourage other users that you would like to see the ability to print an invoice that directly shows this is how much the invoice is for and this is how much the customer is required to pay for a deposit to vote and comment for this idea.

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    Hi kl_vision

    Yes I agree. An invoice that shows the customer the total amount and how much is required to be paid for a deposit.

    (It's dispointing that you only have 2 votes :smileysad:)

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    We also are required to provide to some of our customers the deposit invoice showing the deposit amount only.  I also agree that with "Watsy" about a deposit value option is available which automatically creates the amount (like the discount amount on their card).  However, an option to entered an amount would also be needed for some companies as well.

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    Being able to show payment terms of 50% deposit required on receipt of invoice with balance payable in 30days would be gretat