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11 years ago

Sales/Purchases: CTRL + P shortcut to print

In version 19 and prior you could use keyboard functions, ie. CTRL+P to print, etc. This is no longer possible in the newer versions and I would like to see this function brought back.


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"Shortcut to Print"


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    In AR2013.5 Alt+2 will open the print dialog. Pressing the Alt key will show a number of other shortcuts. Probably applies to earlier versions too.

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    I used to love the cntrl enter that used to record any transaction. It saved having to click the  record on every transaction. I hhanave had many comments that this version is not friendly for users with problems with their hands

  • When will be able to use CTRL + P to print again?  Love my short cut keys!

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    Any chance of the Ctrl+P function coming back any time soon? This was marked as "Under Consideration" in 2013 but no progress...?

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    Have you tried to use the ALT+P command to print?



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    David_Cree Thanks for that. I hadn't tried that previously but will keep that in mind now. Still not quite as convenient as the old Ctrl+P given that you then need to press other keys to get what you want, but still I guess it's something.

  • Any chance of a shortcut key for PRINTING ?  CTRL + P  ?