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11 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Finance charge transactions have different Invoice/Purchase number sequence

Previously when a credit card charge was applied via Receive Payments a journal entry was created to account for the finance charge in the background. Now a new invoice is being created. This is confusing for my clients because it throws out their actual sales invoice numbering. Is it possible to either revert to previous method of recording or for the finance charge invoices to have unique identifiers (ie FC at beginning)?

Another problem is that when the payment is recorded a message pops up asking whether to print the invoice now or later (meaning the finance charge one). This is also causing confusion for them. It would be good to be able to set "never" to printing these invoices.


"Finance Charge Invoices"




  • Status changed:
    Hi CEaston Thanks for the feedback. This has been a changed in the AccountRight 2013 programs from the version 19. This was based on previous feedback about accidentally applying finance charges and deleting those. However I can see where your idea is coming from - a possible preference for generating a finance charge invoice or generate a journal as previous versions. If you would like to see this preference or something similar in future releases of the program do please vote and comment if required.
  • Thanks, Steven. I do understand why the change has been made - I've spent a lot of time fixing incorrectly applied finance charges! Having a preference for how the charge is applied would solve the problem for me and my clients.

  • We have just migrated to the online version of AccountRight Standard 2019.4.0 and we also have the same issue where an invoice is generated for every finance charge received.  Then it prompts us to print now or print later which is not necessary for us.  We choose print later and when we have to print out all the actual sales invoices, we have to trawl through a long list.  Is there a resolution to this issue?  Thanks.