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10 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Jobs - Adding job numbers onto transactions in bulk

We often have invoices that can be up to 2-10 pages long and have many hundreds of parts on them 

Each invoice is usually one job for our customers and it takes a long time to individually input the job number for every part 

I would imagine that most businesses using a job number system would do a seperate invoice for each job for a customer ( that is what we do) and what is needed is a spot to put the job number for the entire invoice so that it automatically inserts it each time a part is added.

The other option is a fill down function similar to excell where you can highlight the lines you want to insert the job number into and then it asks you for the job number

The best solution would be have both options available but just one would be a big benefit 

The highlight and fill would be good for where people have two or more job numbers on one invoice whereas the auto finput would be more suited to a single job per invoice

Hence both would cover everyone 

Again something to make life easier for the Myob user 



 "Making it easy to put a job number on a Large Invoice"