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11 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Set default sale/purchase (i.e. Quote, Order, Bill/Sale)

In Purchases/Enter Purchases window, can the default purchase type be changed so that it always shows "Order" rather than "Bill"   Our processes require a purchase order to be entered and sent to supplier to confirm order.   Often the people entering the orders forget to check this tab, accordingly Bills are often inadvertantly raised.


"Entering purchase orders as default"


  • Is there a way to default to Orders when you go to enter a sale rather that it going straight to invoice and then having to change.  All of our sales go directly to an order prior to payment however if you mistakingly enter as invoice you cannot change to order you have to delete and start again?? Thanks


    "Default Orders Invoices Quotes"

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      Hi Development,


      Could you make it possible to select if you want to use Quote, Order or Invoice?


      Our sales staff do not look and are entering quotes as invoices and making extra work.

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      Hi there.

      Just had a client who wanted to make a suggestion if there would be a capabilty of having the Enter Purchases & Enter Sales sections default to set Sales/Purchases type and not just layout..

      The software currently remembers the last recorded transaction, meaning if an order has been converted to a bill the Enter Purchases button by deafult reverts to the creation of another Bill and not an order which this client would prefer as everything is created as a bill first.

      I advised that they may need to change process by using the Purchases Register and hitting Create New Sale.
      This is an ok work around it but I think the idea of creating defaults that can be changed for a "one time" transaction that revert back to the defaults is a good idea.

      This could also be implemented with login details also, so that login A can by default create bills and login B by default creates invoices or something along those lines.

      Just an idea that the client would be pretty impressed if implemented into MYOB.

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      Hi there JoolsR,


      Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment, the way the software functions is that it will remember the last option you chose (e.g. Order / Quote / Invoice) and will display that layout whenever you enter a sale, until you exit the datafile.


      We do agree that being able to set a preference would certainly benefit a lot of clients and make things slightly easier. Anyone else who would like to see this incorporated into the program, please vote by clicking on the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject heading, and leave a comment.





  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the idea. We would love to hear what other users think about this. We encourage users to leave further comments and votes.
  • I think it would be best if you could simply select the default type ie Quotes/Orders or Bills in the preferences area  - this way it caters for all businesses. 

  • This is the exact issue that we are having.  It can be easy to forget to change the drop down box to order, especially if you are in a hurry.  Would be nice to see this one improved.