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10 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Warnings for selecting inactive cards/items

Can you please consider putting a warning message in enter sales for customers or items that have been ticked as inactive.  This will save a lot of heartache.  I know they don't appear in the drop down menu but you can still enter sales against inactive customers and sell inactive items. 


e.g. Warning - This customer or item is inactive - do not use.


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    Thanks for your suggestion AnitaF Anyone who would like to see a warning when selecting an inactive card or item (by directly typing in the card or item name) when entering sales, please cast your vote here.

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    It would definately make sense to either have a warning or complete block relating to inactive jobs or cards. Although they dont appear in the drop down list it is still very easy to make the error of typing it out. Very similar names are not uncommon and for jobs that have been completed and made in active it should be far harder to book things against it. Thank you.

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      I am aware that similar topics have been posted before however I dont feel that enough emphasis or response has been given to them.


      It does not seem logical to programme MYOB in such a way that an inactive job or card can have any entry made against without atleast a warning. I appreciate that the inactive item does not appear in the drop down list but often names are very similar.


      I propose/support the idea of a pop up warning when attempting to make an entry against an inactive job/card, or a complete block against it unless it is made active again.


      Thank you for this forum and for the assistance in advance.

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    This shouldn't even be possible.


    Other systems render it impossible to select an in-active customer.



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    The warning suggestion would be an effective way to ensure the inactive card is not accidently used. It is frustrating enough having to wade through the cards - inactive & active to create a mail merge :( this should be a priority for those whiz bang programmers.

  • Hi mumow 

    Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team

    The AccountRight 2015.1 version will remove the inactive cards from appearing in the dropdown card lists in certain windows.

    "Inactive cards
    no longer appear in selection lists for the following windows: Enter Sales, Enter Purchases, Receive Payments, Print/Email Invoice > Advanced Filters, Print/Email Statement > Advanced Filters." - AccountRight 2015.1 now available

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    Hi Steven_M 


    I am a bit confused by your comment as the "Inactive Cards" do not show up in the drop down list already? This has been the case for a while hasnt it?


    I am more concerned about a measure to prevent inactive cards being typed in without a warning message notifying the user before capturing the info.



  • Hi alwallis 

    In previous versions of the new AccountRight, by defualt they wouldn't appear in the dropdown list. However if you typed in the name the card would appear so you could select it

    AccountRight 2014.4
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    AccountRight 2015.1
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  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2015.1 and later versions, we have decided to remove inactive cards and items appearing in the Select to Lists, even when a matching card name or number has been entered. This eliminates the need for a warning message. 

    If you do need to record a transaction to an inactive card or item, you would need to make the card/item active for it to appear in the Select to Lists.