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7 years ago

Search: Invoice by ship to address

To be able to search sales invoices via ship to address. We have a customer we invoice for thousands clients. If we can search invoices via the ship to address as this where the goods get delivered to, so when we need to search a clients invoice we have to sift through so many invoices to find it. It is time wasting and so annoying. 


"Ability to search sales invoices via ship to address"


  • This makes a lot of sense.  We are in the construction industry and use the "Ship to" field for the site of the work, with our teams visiting many sites a day.  We might even have the same ship address for several customers. 

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    This would also work for us. we are a plumbing business doing strata plumbing. One Client but many addresses (rental properties) . Very time consuming trying to search. Job numbers/categories may work ?

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    PLEASE, this has been requested many times over the years.

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    We are also in the same situation. We deliver to many addressess under the generic "cash sales" as many of our customers are one offs so we are not going to create card files to use once. When we get a query on a delivery we have to manually search through our records. 


    It has now been 2 1/2 years since this idea was first put up and still nothing from MYOB, not even an acknowledgement.