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12 years ago

Taxable Payments: Sub-contractor details on report

Okay, I will have over 200 statements to supply as at end June 2013 - currently the only assistance MYOB gives me is a Report of taxable payments with an amount and an ABN number, no name, no address.  These then need to be transferred by hand onto the ATO's form, so I need to find out who's is the correct ABN and complete over 200 statements, sorry I can do nine to a statement according to the sample form provided to the ATO.  So once I have written all these out, there is not even a report available that summaries all the statements, you need to create your own list if you want a summary, or reprint them all and save them in ABN order so you may have some sort of audit trail.


Can you not make available a report that captures all the information, maybe if you could have "Report on Taxable Payments" field available within the card lists that could be a starting point, at least then I could print a list of who has this field active.


Anyway just hope there will be a fix before June 30, I do understand that maybe you need to delay the process until the ATO had formalised the Annual Return, but I did notice that they have available online submission from July 2013, which is when these Returns need to be lodged.


Thanks for listening


"Report of Taxable Payments"