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12 years ago

User Access: Custom reports - All users

Can you make Custom Reports available to users other than those at Administrator level?


It is too difficult to have junior staff edit & add/delete fields to set up bank register reports which could be pre-formatted as a custom report




"Custom Reports"




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    Thanks for the great idea. We would love to hear what other users think about this. Please show your support with further votes and comments.
  • This is definitely an important issue.

    I had to give my accounts clerk full access so she can run these custom reports.

    I would rather she did not have that type of access but I was left with no choice.

  • Hopefully this can be addressd at the same time as considering a better way to manager the user access privaledges.  I have voted for it.

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    This is an issue, not just for custom reports but any reports. We'd like to give users access to the job transactions reports but not the P&L and balance sheet etc but they're all lumped into "accounts" reports. This is crazy. We only upgraded today and I almost wish I hadn't. I'm now left with the option of running these reports myself or giving full access to lower level staff. I would consider this an urgent change although this has three votes and is only "under consideration" since 2013. Unless there is another idea submitted for the same thing which I haven't managed to find.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea in regards to AccountRight and User Access.

    A change was made in AccountRight 2014.2 to allow for greater control over users access. While it does still involve Roles they now can be customisable using the Manage Roles tab of the User Access window.

    To enable access to the Custom Reports tab for a particular role go to Setup>>User Access>>Mange Roles>>Select the relevant role and Reports>>Make sure that Custom is ticked.

    For more information into managing roles please see Help Article: Set up Roles

  • Hi DBS


    Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

    I would recommend saving the reports that you would like the user to see as a custom report (plus any other Accounts reports that they might need) and then restricting access to that just that Custom tab of the Reports.

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    Thanks Steven_M. On another post there was the issue of users then having access to all custom reports, not just the ones they needed. Has that also been implemented? I can't find where that thread was.

  • Hi HeatherDBS


    This idea was suggested to allow for a different user section to see Custom Reports. For example Sale or Purchase roles. 

    I would encourage you to show your support for User Access Controls re Custom Reports elsewhere on the AccountRight Idea Exchange which deals directly with limiting user access to certain custom reports.

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    In response to the above question; how can I make the administrators custom reports only available to the administrator & not all users?

    I allow access to the purchase reports but the users can still view every custom report thats been setup in myob