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Bank feeds: Starting from a particular date

When we are setting our new clients up on Liveaccounts it is very difficult to predict when the livefeed will start.


We have some clients who don't want to go back and enter in the first part of the year (they will just collate their data from both systems at 30 June).


For example, if we could set a date at least 2 weeks into the future (such as start of month, or BAS period) then it would be easier to merge the clients onto liveaccounts.


"Bank Feed as at a particular date"


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    Hi everyone,


    Thank you all for your interest in this idea. When you set up Bank Feeds in Essentials Accounting, you will only receive feeds from the time Bank Feeds application has been approved by the bank. The bank feeds application process usually takes around 3- 10 days to complete. If needed, you can also contact our Bank Feeds team ( to delete unwanted bank feeds on any given days. 


    As such, allowing Bank Feeds starting date to be scheduled is not something our developers will consider right now.