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5 months ago

Bill to and Ship to address on invoice in web browser

I would like to suggest that you put a Bill to and Ship to option on invoices in the web browser version like there is in the desktop version as lots of people need to be able to put a different address for where the invoice or product is shipped to.


  • Including a "Bill to" and "Ship to" option on invoices in the web browser version, akin to the desktop version, would greatly enhance user convenience. It caters to the practical need for flexibility in addressing invoices and shipping products to different locations, aligning with diverse business and personal requirements seamlessly.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Krismic


    Thank you for the suggestion, I understand how having different addresses for one contact can be useful in a lot of cases.


    Although the browser version has a way to record the billing address and shipping address in the file, there is no option to choose between the emails when sending your invoices. Rest assured, the development team will be able to have more visibility on this as it is posted in the Ideas Exchange board.


    If you require any other assistance, feel free to create a new thread in the forum.