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2 years ago

Changes/fixes that would be beneficial to all users

We have been using the new Essentials upgrade since November and have found various problems that should be fixed to make day to day use more efficient.


Here's what I have found .... some I have previously mentioned .... hope you can assist 


(1) When you convert a quote to invoice it picks up the date of the quote and not the date you create the invoice
(2)  Can't change a customer on a saved invoice .... have to duplicate and then delete original invoice !!
(3) Spend Money - the Record button takes you back to the Transaction List.  You have to use the DROP DOWN BOX "Record & New" to take you to the next spend money page... .... very inefficient.  If you hit the "Record" button you have to start the whole process over again.
(4) On the invoice list screen, there is an "Activity" column but no "sent" column as before.?  This would be helpful to bring back the sent column
(5) Invoice Description Line needs to be widen to make viewing and working on the invoice more manageable.
(6) Can't change a customer on saved invoice - have had a response from MYOB that seems SO TIME WASTING .... just going back to old Essentials, especially in this aspect would be a better solution.
.... here is the response .... "Once an invoice has been saved you would not be able to update the customer on that transaction. However, what you could do would be to use the Save and duplicate option. This would save the original transaction and duplicate the invoice. As this duplication is actually a new invoice, just with pre-populated information, you can update the customer on that invoice to be the required one before saving that invoice. You can then delete the original invoice if not required." 
(7) Can not add a item line to a Quote
(8) Can not add a Blank Line to a Quote
(9) When you Save a Quote or Invoice it does not take you to the List page, leaves you on the invoice/quote page that you just saved.
(10). When entering items on an invoice if you type the item number too fast it takes you to "create item" and you have to click out of there and type the item number SLOWER so that the system can catch up !!!!!! 
(11) Have to change the "Date To" on invoice screen each day to today's date to ensure all invoices can be viewed
(12)  There is no OVERDUE invoice report selection - perhaps in the STATUS drop down box you could add Overdue 
(13)  When you print a Statement it labels the statement as with a Quote #  if you download it as a PDF it labels the statement as an Invoice #
(14) GST can not be varied - important to be able to do if you have stamp duty included in total amount
(15) SPEND MONEY - Quanity column does not multipy eg 2 x $10 comes out as $10
(16) CREATE QUOTE - Brings up next invoice Number instead of next quote number
(17) ADDING A NEW PAY ITEM TO AN EMPLOYEE  during a Pay Run - will not save and you have to restart payrun again.
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