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5 years ago

Contacts: Increase phone number character limit

We deal with international companies and so they have longer phone numbers


The Contact form's Phone & Mobile number fields in MYOB Essenual have a forced limit for the numbers that is TOO short (need to allow longer numbers)


ie India

+91 xxxx xxxx xxxx

truncates to

+91 xxxx xxx


Please let the field be much longer (as also good to include phonr extensions too)

I suggest 25-30 charactors.


"Contact's Phone & Mobile number fields too short (need to allow longer numbers)"


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will allow users to enter a contact's phone number to be 21 characters.


    Note: This change is available for the new MYOB Essentials platform. Existing (original) MYOB Essentials platform users will be migrated across to the new platform in due course based on the complexity of their MYOB Essentials product level. At the time of posting, migrations are already underway.

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    Thanks for fixing this MYOB.

    I should not look a gift horse in the mouth I am told even when it too 18 months. 

    Hopefully more of my over 1 year old bug notifications and suggestions will be coming as rapid fire fixes. Fingers crossed