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2 years ago

GST on Invoices

I have been using MYOB Essentials for a number of years.


My issue is with creating invoices and not having a function to manually alter the GST amount. Some of my invoices have GST free disbursements, so when I create an invoice, it automatically calculates GST on the whole of the invoice amount, which is not an accurate reflection of the GST payable.


So then I need to create another line with the GST free amount, which involves having to pull out my calculator and do the physical calculations.


This same issue arises with entering Expenses. Some bills that I receive have GST free items, but when entering Expenses, the GST is calculated on the whole invoice amount. 


Is there a reason why one of the leading accounting software developers cannot make a minor upgrade to their Essentials software to enable users to insert data in a more timely manner? Thank you.

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  • +1 from me. I have moved from the desktop Accountright application where manual GST adjustment was easy, and this shortfall in the web-based product is a massive omission and a complete PITA. See also support request 1376725.