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4 years ago

MYOB Team: Teams Kiosk for Android

Adroid compatability for Teams Kiosk.


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    Incompatability with Adroid devices along with very little promotion of your product capability has been given as a reason  (multiple times) why clients are not choosing to utilise this feature of your product or choosing to select competitor brands. Please consider making this app available on adroids for our clients as I have at least 5 clients looking to utilise this functionality and should you promote the feature I think this will be a real functional point of difference for MYOB and lead to increased market share.


  • This is something that should be pointed out in a clear fashion before businesses go to the trouble of setting up, which is very time-consuming in itself, without getting to the end and we can't use the kiosk on our Android devices... Android is just as popular, seems a feature that a necessity