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12 years ago

PAYG payment summaries: Ability to print

Hi there,


This is my first EOFY using liveaccounts, after previously using AcountRight for several years. I would really like the PAYG summaries to be properly printable, the way they were in AccountRight. I am not looking forward to filling in all those piles of triplicate again. What a pain!


Any ideas on if this would be possible by next EOFY?



Ellen Harle


"PAYG summaries - need to be both printable and able to submit to the ATO"


  • Correct!!


    In general I love myob live, I am also doing my EOFY and find it extremely frustrating that there is no function to print PAYG summaries. I was astounded when you customer service represetitive told me that this was not available. It seems like such a basic function. 

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      Also can you please let us know if you are going to make these changes for the next financial year, because if you are not i am going to switch providers so i dont ave to fill out 8 million forms again. This obviously has to be done now for the next financial year.

      I thank you in anvance for your prompt response

  • As it turns out, I am having to go back to my Account Right software and retrospectively enter all my pays just for the ability to print the PAYG summaries. I was over half way through printing them by hand when I ran out of triplicate forms!


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      Former Staff

      Hi folks,


      Apologies for the difficulty of this year’s process. We realise it has unfortunately inconvenienced many of you.


      For next year 2012/2013 you will be able to lodge payment summaries electronically, as we will be SBR-enabled



  • Can someone definitively confirm that for this tax year 2012/2013 that MYOB LIVE Accounts will be able to lodge payment summaries electronically, eg; that it will be SBR-enabled?

    I was horrified to discover that it wasn't when I went to do my PAYG summaries in July.

    I have stopped using my LIVE account and will be cancelling it if this can't be confirmed as being 100% happening. LIVE has so much potential but disappointed so far....

  • Status changed:
    LiveAccounts now has the ability to prepare the lodgement file for PAYG Payment summaries and can also be printed.