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12 years ago

Report: Profit and loss - Denote accounting basis


I understand that MYOB now, like Quickbooks, allows users to have a Cash P&L or a Non-Cash P&L.


My suggestion is that it is essential that the P&L on the top right hand cprner notates the type of P&L ie

Cash P&L or Non-Cash P&L


For tax purposes, depreciation is included whether cash or non-cash.

The movement in Receivables is the difference between cash and non-cash.


Personally, I believe there should be no option to have a cash or non-cash P&L.



As a former banker, the most important Financial Statement is the Cash Flow Statement.

I understand that in America the Cash Flow Statement is required for small business.



"P&L    to notate Cash or Non - Cash"

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  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The new Profit and Loss report will denote the Accounting method on screen and in the top right of the PDF printout.