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11 years ago

Report: Taxable payments annual report - Print report

There should be an option to print the taxable payments annual report that needs to be lodged with the ATO so that businesses can keep it for their records and in case they are audited by the ATO.


"Taxable Payments Annual Report Printing"


  • We have an audit of the TPAR and they want listings in excel. 


    Although essentials creates a file we can't seem to get any physical reports that show/print anywhere but the screen. 

    We are writing each line by hand from the essentials screen into excel to give the ATO what they want.  We can't copy and paste as it is not wokring, if we screen print, we only get the first screen of information.


    We are presently copying this by hand (about 13 screens worth).


    This needs to be addressed as it is available in AccountRight and other accoutning packages and it is a pretty basic requirement.   

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      When you balanced your TPAR report you should of balanced it to your "Subcontractors" General Ledger accounts. Why don't you dump the General ledger accounts to excel,   that correspond to your Tpar reprt and send that to the ATO

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       Thanks for your idea, yes had thought of that . 


      Yes we did reconcile the subcontractors, but the accounts are run for us to run the business, not to report to the ATO, so we have a mixture of reportable and not reportable subcontractors in this account.  Which is why we can tick transactions not just cards.


      The "narration" that comes  up on the general ledger is not always easy to match to the subcontractor which is the first problem. 


      Not all entries to subcontractors are reportable, so that sorting through that also takes time. That's why we decided on going directly from the TPAR screen. 


      Either way, both of these are a work around that takes time and shouldn't.  The report is there, it just needs to be able to be sent to PDF or Excel.


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    Thank you for the post, kcannell. We can see the benefits of being able to print a copy of the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR ) for auditing and future reference. As a workaround you could highlight and copy the information displayed on the report >> right click and Copy >> Paste it into Excel >> Save it with an appropriate name. This will retain the same grids and formats as the displayed information in LiveAccounts. I request others who would like the ability to print the TPAR report to please Vote and add any relevant comments.
  • I found the TPAR process in MYOB Essentials very painful.

    In several instances, although the Supplier Contact was ticked as being Reportable, individual transactions did not appear on the list, so I had to go to individual transactions and tick them.


    Also, the right click and copy to Excel technique did not work for every client file (no idea why).

  • It's 2017 I've just done some of these reports to lodge and there is no way I can print the report out !


    Also I can't advise any contractors what was lodged for them


    I have no record of what I have lodged for clients - it's a bit ludicrous actually 

  • Would be very handy with TPARs due this month

    The idea has been under consideration since 2013, any news on when this feature might become available?

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    I would like the Taxable Payment annual report to be printable so that it can be given to the business owner for review prior to lodging with the ATO.

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    It is 6 years later and we are still waiting for the ability to print this report. 

  • Please can you make this happen.  A General ledger summary report is necessary for Myob essentials.