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12 months ago

Retain original Purchase Order Number in MYOB Business

I had a problem today in MYOB Business Pro of a client where the Purchase Order number DOESN'T retain the original Purchase Order number. When you convert the PO to a BILL it generates the next sequential PO number in the bill. So you have to manually go in & amend it to the original PO number. If it doesn't keep the original PO number what's the point? It says in the help ALL information in the PO comes across into the BILL. WRONG & annoying. You need a default setting option or reatain the original PO when converting the order to a bill.


  • There is a way to make MYOB to retain the original purchase order number when converting from PO to BILL. 

    You can find this option in Setup - Preferences - Purchases - "Retain Original PO Number when Changing a Purchase between Quotes, Orders or Bills.


    I'm surprised that the Moderator is not aware of it.

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    Hi AmandaSA and Shaleesa


    Thanks for posting your concerns in the forum. Also, welcome to the Community Forum Shaleesa


    I understand that there are a lot of scenarios in which the PO numbers and Bill numbers could mess up the transaction numbers in the file. We're sorry to hear about your experience of this. Unfortunately, any new purchase transaction (purchase order or bill) that you create in the application will be considered a new number in the sequence unless you change it (changing this would result in the sequence continuing after the new purchase transaction number). 


    We have already raised this with the development team as a suggestion and we will keep on doing so. Although it's the development team's goal to make the web application as close to the desktop application, we understand that they still have a long way to go. 


    We appreciate your patience. In the meantime, feel free to post again in the forum if you have any other concerns. 




  • I have been frustrated by this issue since the upgrade to the latest software version. I'm currently having to manually change the PO number after converting to bill so that it is retained, but then this messes up the numbering sequence causing PO numbers to be accidentally duplicated. I've seen threads saying that this issue has been resolved in AccountRight - surely it's not too hard to implement in Business Pro!