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12 years ago

Sales: Discount offered to specific customers

I would like a field on the invoice / Customer  to be able to give specific cutomer discounts on either individual services or on the overall total invoice balance.


"Discount to specific customers"


  • I have regular, repeat customers and then I have one-off customers. For my biggest customers, I want to be able to offer them a discount on agreed items (e.g. labour) and have this show clearly on the invoice in a column. This functionality appears to be available in AccountRight (and is returning as a search result in support area when MYOB Essentials is selected) yet unavailable to use in Essentials.


    Ideally I could set this discount up for particular items at the customer level, but would be happy with being able to do it at the invoice level.

  • Yes i would like to do the same as writing a comment in the note field isn't sufficient.

    A rep suggested making another item named discount would be an idea but i can't do this and it still doesn't allow me to deduct a percentate. With the current set up it is very time consuming.