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10 years ago

Sales: Increase character limit of description

Any chance of the Character limit on sale line items to be removed and have unlimited characters for description of sale when preparing invoices and quotes? (I run a business in the building industry therefore some invoices/quotes are rather lengthy as to the detailed scope of works)


"Increase character limit in invoices/quotes"


  • Update sale details for invoices and quotes to allow you to enter in a line with no dollar values. Current issue of character limits in descriptions more than one line is often required however dollar value is not applicable
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      This is not a new idea, but has been requested before by at least half a dozen others over the last two years, but has not been taken on board ...


      I have voted (again) and would love to see this improvement to make invoicing more practical and give a more professional look when writing up a job description.



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      Our business requires itemised descriptions of the work undertaken usually with a date attribted; however, each line of text does not require a dollar value to be attributed. 


      Could a template be formatted that makes a dollar value an option so that it doesn't print next to the line of text if it's not relevant?  The current services template kind of works for us; it's just that we don't want to put a dollar value next to each day's task ... rather just a 'Materials' value and a 'Labour' value prior to the sub-total.


      I would also like to suggest that the paymnet section at the bottom of the invoices could be made significantly smaller.  I know we are all trying to get paid, but the payment section dominates the overall image of the inovice and also restricts the amount of space available for text.



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      Hi sutha


      Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials.

      I have merged your idea with this similar one already included on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.

  • Currently setting up Items for Invoices and it will only allow upto 255 characters. This is simply not enough characters and needs to be increased.

  • Hi there,

    Will it be possible to change the maximum characters for quotations from 500 to 1000, or even unlimited?  We only need to use one Description box in the quotation section and as we have quite lengthy descriptions, the 500 character limit is stopping us from submitting our quotations as we would like.   If this isn't an option, then unfortunately, we will have to discontinue our subscription.


    Another thing that would be great is if we could create invoices from a quotation from our mobile devices???  The myob on the go is not much use if this can't be done from a mobile device.   Will this ever be possible??


    thanks for reading




    I have just started the free trial with the main consideration being if the quotes and invoices allow for what we want and what I can put into them. The accounting side can be got around or put up with, but what goes to the customer and protects our business is the most important feature so really shouldn't have any limitiations. Being in construction and services, we have to cover our butt and go into great detail. In a trial quote I couldn't find anywhere if there was a limit until I came to almost the end of putting in our terms and conditions in the quotes notes and ran out of space - unfortunately now I cannot even backspace or change spelling  - it seems I have to enter it all over again - for a second time! Then see what less important inhformation I may be able to cull. There doesn't seem to be a counter to know how many characters are left either?? Unless I'm missing it?


    We also require a lot of space for the desciption and often have to give several options for several areas and I am now concerned this will not be adequate for our business and will have to keep trialling others until we find what we need. Or go back to getting quote books printed. I am actually needing this now or it is not going to be suitable. I have spent a couple of hours just getting to this point and feel deflated I might have to give this one up before I try out any of the other features.


    How many lines and characters are you allowed in the description - i thought it would just carry over to a new page and would be unlimited??


    I have otherwise been loving what this whole package could mean to my time.

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    I cannot believe that this idea was suggested over 4 years ago, and still has NOT been implemented.

    Extremely frustrating in the building/architecture industry where we have lengthy invoice descriptions.

  • Please increase the size of the Detail Field so that my email address does not drop the .au down to the next line.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone


    MYOB Essentials will allow for the user to enter up to 1000 characters in the Description field of an invoice line. A user can also enter 20,000 characters in the Notes to Customer field - which will be included at the bottom of the produced invoice.